Core Domains for System Standards

Foundational Standards for Systems of Care for CYSHCN:

  1. Children and families of CYSHCN are active, core partners in decision making in all levels of care.
  2. All services and supports for CYSHCN are implemented and delivered in a culturally competent, linguistically appropriate, and accessible manner to best serve CYSHCN and their families. All written materials provided to CYSHCN and their families are culturally appropriate, provided in the primary language of the CYSHCN and their family, and in a manner and format appropriate for children and their parents or caregivers who have limited English proficiency, lower levels of literacy, or sensory impairments.
  3. Insurance coverage for CYSHCN is accessible, affordable, comprehensive, and continuous.
  4. All care provided to CYSHCN and their families is evidence-based where possible, and evidence-informed and/or based on promising practices where evidence-based approaches do not exist.

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